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Potty Training

Potty Training – There’s a book for that!

Potty Training is the time in a young child’s life which represents the beginning of greater independence. The transition from nappies to toileting can be quite difficult to navigate for both parent and child.  Reading good books on the topic to a child (both fiction and non-fiction titles) is a great way to start the process.

It’s important to teach children what is involved, and to keep it light hearted to reduce the pressure. Be mindful that you need to take your child’s lead as to when they are truly ready. Not only will potty play and learning through books show them that toilet training can be lots of fun, but it will demonstrate that accidents are OK as they are just part of the process. I recommend you set up a role play area with toilet paper, dollies, potties, nappies, under wear etc and then have loads of themed books ready to read to keep it fun.

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