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Going to Bed

A bedtime routine can be very useful for the whole family.  A calm, relaxed routine before bed can be an essential aid in helping a child go off to sleep easily and can enable an uninterrupted sleep for the whole night.  Some further tips on bedtime routines can be found here.

A well established bedtime routine can be as simple as bath, teeth, story time, then lights out. The important thing is to be consistent each day, even in keeping the times the same for each action. When is comes to reading, you can read on the lounge or beanbag or perhaps in their own bed. You decide which suits your family best and then try and keep it the same each day.

For children, by allowing their mind to concentrate and escape into a literary world it eases the tensions in the rest of the body. It is important to choose calming stories that are age appropriate for your child. Some children can get over stimulated or scared by the themes in some books so its best to save those titles for when your child is older.  We promote the three book rule – 3 books is the magic number for children up until they are older enough to read longer chapter books (usually around ages 5-6).

If your child has settling issues at bedtime you can try choosing books focusing on sleep or even lullabies where the language is calming and may lull them into a sleepy state.

Our Top Books for Bedtime are:


1.  Sleepyhead

Ever had a child use every excuse under the sun for why they can’t sleep? Then you can relate to this book. This book is fun for parents and kids alike. It focuses on a bear who just won’t go to sleep.

Mummy pleads with her little one, “Sleepyhead, sleepyhead , go to sleep my sleepyhead”. Sleepyhead replies “One more book, one more hug, one more kiss, one more teddy, one more snuggle, one more comfy cosy cuddle!”.  As the child gets increasingly tired the excuses grow then eventually the child sleeps rest assured that mummy is always there.

It’s a lovely book to use with 2 and 3 year olds as a bedtime routine story. It almost has a lullaby quality with the back and forth between mother and child. Even the illustrations are dreamlike with the little bear riding a sea creature and playing on the ice with penguins.

Being repetitious it is perfect for this age group’s developing vocabulary and increasing awareness of print in their environment.

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