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Books about Moms

Top 5 Books about Moms

Some of these are golden oldies and have been in my collection since I began teaching over 20 years ago, and others I’ve only recently added since becoming a mom myself. You might like to give one of these to a ‘Mom to be’ before the big day.

You could choose a little gem for your daughter, whatever age she may be, to tell her how much she’s loved or possibly a Daddy out there could wrap one up for Mother’s Day next year. I hope you enjoy my Top Books about Moms.

1.   I Love you the Purplest

Author: Barbara M. Joosse

Ages: 5-8 year olds

This book is just lovely for multiple children. I know how difficult it is it explain to my kids that I love them equally. I love the quirky title and the way it pulls on my heart strings.

2.   My Mom

Author: Anthony Browne

Ages: 3-5 year olds

Beautifully illustrated as always, Anthony Browne writes from a child’s perspective and why his Mom is such a supermom. He tells of her abilities and how she is better than the rest! It depicts his Mom as having super powers and finishes with “I love my Mom and she loves me…. and she always will” A must have for under 5’s.

3.   Stellaluna

Author: Janell Cannon

Ages: 3-6 year olds

This is probably my favorite book from my years as a teacher. I have many happy memories of sharing it with my classes. It touches my heart today now that I have three children and it almost brings a tear to my eye when Stellaluna finds her Mommy. You must add this book to your collection, you wont regret it!

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