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Babies & Siblings

“Take bubby back to hospital now” …are the words that parents really don’t want to hear from older siblings.

Having a new baby in the household can be a challenging time for the whole family and particularly difficult for a young child to comprehend.

Books are often a great way to ease your child into the idea that they will soon be an older brother or sister.  Our top book for new babies and siblings is:

1. There’s a House Inside My Mummy

Authors: Giles Andreae, Vanessa Cabban 

This rhyming book is written from a child’s perspective about his feelings and understanding of the imminent arrival of a sibling. The book simplifies the process of pregnancy and how a new baby is accepted into the growing family.

It models many positive aspects such as a child’s excitement about a new baby and how this process can be shared.

Some parts are descriptive: “There’s a sort of giant bathtub where the baby sleeps…”

And some parts model positive behaviour “I’d like to show him all my toys And let him see the view, And point out all the brilliant things I’ll teach him how to do”.

This book is aimed at toddlers (children aged 1-3 years old) with basic themes such as “Mummy’s growing belly” and what she craves to eat, how she can feel sick sometimes and how he can communicate with the baby through “Mummy’s Tummy Telephone”.

It concludes with the Mummy making a little brother for the family. This is a lovely story which can be used to assist in communicating the changes to a mum and to a family when expecting a new sibling.

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