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How to Catch a Star

How to Catch a Star – Oliver Jeffers

A beautiful, imaginary tale about a young boy who dreams of finding his very own star.

Author/Illustrator, Oliver Jeffers, has created a wonderful sense of suspense on each page. The story is targeted at the child’s level with the boy in the story exploring imaginative methods to catch a star – such as flying a rocket ship, climbing the tallest tree and lassoing a life buoy into the sky.

It’s just beautiful when the little boy sees the reflection in the water of the prettiest star he has ever seen and believes it’s floating in front of him. After trying to reach it, he waits some more for it to wash up on the shore.

Finally, the illusive star washes up on the sand (in the form of a star fish) and the boy is overjoyed. A star of his very own!

This simple story is suitable for 2 and 3 year olds. A child of this age would take the story literally which would inspire their imagination.

It’s also a suitable book for 5 year olds to read by themselves (or with help). You could perhaps discuss the logic behind the concept of catching your very own star. If it were possible how could they use their imagination to catch one and what would they do with it once it was caught?

This book is a lovely bedtime story to relax and prepare your child’s mind for sleeping and dreaming.

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