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Books for Newborns

How early should you read to a baby?

It’s never too early.  By 4 months of age babies can discriminate between different speech sounds and engage in babbling.

A baby’s language and understanding is somewhat dependent on how much language they are exposed to – and this is why we’re advocates for an early introduction to books.

Some great ways to encourage a baby’s language development are:

  1. Use a high-pitched sing-song voice when talking to your baby (don’t worry, no one’s looking!). Studies have shown that infants are more likely to respond to this type of voice rather than a normal voice. You can even sing children’s books to them.
  2. Talk to your infant every day. Look into her eyes and talk to her about what you are doing, what she is doing, and what is going on in the world around her. It can be as simple as describing what you are doing when going to the shops.
  3. Use common, every day words over and over, and point to objects as you name them. You could even print off labels to put on furniture, toys and appliances.
  4. Most importantly, READ TO YOUR BABY! Start with simple one word books with patterns and shapes and move on to rhymes and short stories. The more book titles you read the more you will be able to tell which books are your baby’s favorite.

Our Top 5 Books for Newborns are:

1. Lost and Found

Author: Beth Harwood

2. Opposites

Author: Sandra Boynton

3. Can you Cuddle Like a Koala?

Author: John Butler

4.  Blue Hat Green Hat

Author: Sandra Boynton

5.  That’s Not My Dinosaur

Author: Fiona Watt

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