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Books for 4 year olds

What does a 4 year old like to read?

A 4 year old child is increasingly independent and radically growing in confidence. A 4 year old has a keen sense of wonder and imagination with an increasing attention span allowing them to listen to longer words, sentences and longer books in general.

At this age children are curious and inquisitive and are able to carry a conversation with both peers and adults.

In fact, a 4 year old’s vocabulary consists of well over 1000 words.  They can express their feelings and can answer simple questions easily and logically.

Generally children of this age tend to enjoy singing, counting, rhyming, and making up nonsense words.

By age 4 many children can recognise some letters and basic words such as ‘Go’ and ‘Stop’,  and may even be able to write their name or perhaps their initials.
4 year olds enjoy picture books full of humour and imagery.

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