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Books for 3 year olds

Three year olds have an ever increasing vocabulary

Your 3 year old is learning the basic rules of grammar. Their sentences are becoming longer and more complex and include connecting words such as then, if, because, when etc. Three year olds understand so much more than they verbalise and are soaking in whatever they observe around them. A child of three is starting to use basic maths concepts involving colors and shapes. They are also able to order and group things into categories.

A 3 year olds’s language is usually quite clear by now and most adults can understand what they have to say. They are learning to predict and are eager to find out answers by using lots of WHY or how come? Plus the standard who, what, when and where!

A three year old is deeply interested in role play and often gains a sense of their own world by playing out what they see during pretend play. They are starting to move from onlooker or solitary play to paralell play. Meaning they begin to show more interest in those around them and often mimic their actions.

Best Books for a 3 year old are:

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