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Books for 1 year olds

Choosing the best books for a 1 year old

How do you choose the best books for your baby?

Well, there’s no easy answer as every baby is different. Some babies will respond to the words in the story, some will like how you read a book in a certain way and of course some will like the pictures and illustrations in some books more than others. There’s a few simple ways to find out which books are most suitable for your 1 year old and they are:

  1. Use guidance from publishers, and once you’ve found a book that your child is interested in then read other books by the same author
  2. Use recommendations from friends and family – tried and tested books are always best!
  3. Most importantly – Trial and error! Read as many books to your 1 year old as you can get your hands on. You’ll find out exactly what they like fairly quickly, because a one year old’s attention span isn’t very long. Start reading a book and if after a couple of pages your baby is looking around the room or distracted by something else then come back to that book in a few days or a week’s time. It’s always good to have a few books out at one time. ¬†Sometimes when you’re reading a book to your baby they may reach out and grab another one lying next to them. Roll with it! Read that one instead (especially if it is one they are familiar with – your baby is communicating with you that they like it).

Don’t worry about about sourcing books that might be slightly too old for your baby, because provided the book is of good quality you can always read it when they are¬†a little older.

And remember, repetition is very important for one year olds. If your baby likes a particular book then read it every day (try and read 3 books every time before your baby goes to sleep). Repetition is key to establishing strong language skills in babies and toddlers.

Our Top 3 books for 1 year olds are:

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