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Age Groups

Our recommended books target the key stages of a child’s development.

Our booklists are chosen by education professionals with experience working with preschool aged children.

Books for kids have to be really exceptional. They must be:

  1. Engaging – kids love books that have the “read it again” factor
  2. Educational – kids books must have a good storyline, correct structure and have to “make sense”
  3. Fun to read for both kids and parents alike – if you’re not enjoying the book neither will they!

Our children’s booklists are categorized into targeted Age Groups and Themes.

Book prices are much lower today than they were 10 or 20 years ago, thanks to the likes of Amazon and The Book Depository. We recommend you read as many books to your children as you can get your hands on. Don’t worry if you buy a book and your child isn’t immediately interested, just put it aside and read it again a few months later.  And remember, the best book is one that you will be asked to read day after day.

Our Age Group booklists are from 0-6 years old and list our favorite books for kids:

       Books for Newborns | BOOK KIDS

Books for Newborns     


      Babies & Siblings | BOOK KIDS 

Books for 1 year olds    


      Books for Toddlers | BOOK KIDS

Books for 2 year olds    


       Books for 3 year olds | BOOK KIDS

Books for 3 year olds    


      Books for 4 year olds | BOOK KIDS

Books for 4 year olds    


       Books for 5 year olds | BOOK KIDS

Books for 5 year olds    


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