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Reading to children from an early age gives them the best start in life.

Before people said “There’s an app for that”, they used to say “There’s a book for that”!! And when it comes to children’s books it is so true.

Book Kids provides parents, grandparents, friends and extended families great book, education and gift ideas for preschool aged children.

Books make great presents and are a fantastic alternative to “plastic presents” that kids get so much of these days.

A child’s language skills and general development benefit greatly from constant listening and reading.

We are firm believers of the Three Book Rule (aim to read children three books each time before they go to sleep) starting from when your child is a baby.

Repetition and habit is key to developing a vast vocabulary and strong language skills in young children.  They’ll get a headstart in life, and you’ll  enjoy spending time with them watching them learn and grow.

Book Kids provides a one-stop recommendation source for great book and educational gift ideas for kids and the best thing is – this is a FREE resource!

Book Kids founder Vanessa Knight is a trained early childhood teacher based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Australia, and is a mother to three young children. Vanessa has been working with preschool children for over 20 years as a nanny, early childhood teacher, and most recently as a mother.

Book Kids was established in January 2013, just before Vanessa had her third child.

Every item on our site has been carefully chosen for its fun and engaging nature and educational qualities. Every one of our recommended titles has also been lovingly tested on Vanessa’s own children over several years to find out what works for different age groups.

The titles can be sourced from most local libraries or purchased from quality bookstores.

For online purchases we recommend Amazon simply because Amazon provides the best combination of competitive prices and efficient delivery. is a Read Aloud Partner – see for more information on the importance of reading to children.

We hope you enjoy our booklists.

 Happy Reading!

 Book Kids Team

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